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“Who I am is because of Mandela” Malehlohonolo Mano. 18th July - Mandela Day, 2019

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

On Thursday morning the 18th of July the Dramatic Need Team Tatu Somfula, Lawrence Chabalala, Porong Tjamela and Robyn Nesbitt kicked off our Nelson Mandela day with 40 Grade 6 students from Adeline – Meje Primary School. Our task was to use sound as the primary narrative tool to tell the story of The Clever Farmer. We split into two groups developing and testing sounds to represent the characters, moods, and gestures within the story. Then using our homemade instruments shakers, whistles and sticks and the drumming and moving of our own bodies we performed the sound narrative of The Clever Farmer.

During the lunch break the Dramatic Need Team joined the staff and students at Adeline – Meje Primary School in a clean up of the school and its premises. We picked up litter, raked the dry winter grass, cleaned windows and swept the corridor floors for 67 minutes.

We did some playing in between as well.

At 3pm the Dramatic Need crew of 30 students gathered at the Art Centre for the planting of our wishing tree - a beautiful indigenous Kiggelaria Africana. We started our session with a discussion around Mandela Day. What is Mandela day? What does Nelson Mandela mean to you? Who does Mandela remind you of in your community? The students spoke of how he fought for their freedom, how he is remembered through members of their community through their parents and grandparents and how his memory and legacy is still a symbol of hope to them.

“Who I am is because of Mandela” Malehlohonolo Mano (Shorts)

We then sat down and wrote our wishes for our future selves and our country on the carefully crafted paper leaves we had prepared the day before. Once the tree was planted we all took turns to carefully place our wishes around the tree. The tree now custodian adorned in wishes will serve as a reminder to present and future students of their wishes, goals, commitments and accomplishments as it grows.

18th July - Mandela Day, 2019

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