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New Attribute Set with Keywords and LabelsA new keyword-driven attribute set enables you to create a powerful set of attributes for drawing objects. Easily create keywords for any objects by using an easy-to-use GUI. The new set enables you to label objects as you create them, which makes it easy to visualize and organize your objects.Search/Replace and Multi-SelectionSearch for text, keywords, and values in drawings or in multiple files, and replace it at once.Importing & Exporting files:Import objects from other CAD applications into AutoCAD, and export AutoCAD objects to other CAD applications, such as AutoCAD Architecture, other PDF files, Microsoft Office files, and more.Create dimension and annotative layouts.LayoutNew layout options allow you to adjust the order and position of objects.Create custom layouts.Startup and save CCLayout Manager setup.Access to Planning DataBuildings can be customized with model libraries and drawings.Support for Eiffel 84The shapes of Eiffel 84 steel structures are created with powerful 2D and 3D command and editing capabilities. These structures are ideal for designers who want to see their designs on paper as they are created.Axis AlignmentYou can now align objects to a grid or a specific drawing element with the use of axis alignment tools.Two new commands — Align to Line (Align 3d) and Align to Edge (Align 3d edge line) — help you align objects to lines and edges of a drawing element. These commands work in conjunction with the Align Selection tool.Two new display options help you quickly view your placement and alignment as you work on your drawing: Align To Selection: Display the 3D selection of the drawing element that you are aligning with (for Align Selection); and Align To Model (Align 3d model): Display the 3D model of the drawing element in the 3D space of the drawing (for Align 3d).The Align to Line tool is available in the following packages: Align Selection; Align Edge Line.ReplaceNew Replace command enables you to replace content within a file without moving the location of other content. Use this command as an alternative to the Unhide command for hiding content.We 2be273e24d


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