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Arts Centres

The Piet Patsa Community Arts Centre 


The Dramatic Need Piet Patsa Community Arts Centre (PPCAC) is named after a beloved local teacher, Mr. Patsa, who worked closely with Dramatic Need for several years before passing away in 2010.


The facility was completed in 2010 and now hosts six workshops for children and youth weekly, as well as community outreach programmes with local schools.

The Dramatic Need Adeline Meje Arts Centre

The Dramatic Need Adeline Meje Arts Centre (DNAMAC) opened on 5 June, 2017 on the grounds of one of our partner primary schools, Adeline Meje, in the township of Rammulotsi, rural Free State, South Africa. The centre consists of two portable shipping crates, welded together and customised for use as a creative space. Although smaller than our Peit Patsa Centre, this new space is based in central Rammulotsi rather than on a remote farm. This allows for easier access for our young people and for us to provide an extensive after school arts curriculum. 


Many of the children attending programmes at these centres are familiar with the expression of emotion through violence, be it sexual, domestic, ethnic or gang-related aggression. Providing a means of self-expression that is non-violent is one of Dramatic Need’s major aims.

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Workshop programme 2019

  • High school after-school programme (4 afternoons a week)

  • Primary school in-school programme (4 afternoons a week)

  • Primary school after-school programme (daily)

  •  Weekly visual art classes (every Friday afternoon)

  • School Holiday programmes (3 per year)

  • Morning Art Club (1 per week)

  • Internship programme (ongoing)


Each programme follows a multi-disciplinary arts-based curriculum designed to implement all Dramatic Need's strategies for the holistic development of each child. 

For regular programming updates please see the Dramatic Need blog.

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Equipping our arts centres 

Dramatic Need's arts centres need lots of tender loving care in the form of equipment, instruments, music stands, paints, brushes, dance bars, sewing machines... you name it , we need it. If you have any working musical instruments, arts, film or photography equipment you are no longer using, we would LOVE to give it a new home!


Please send it to us at:

Dramatic Need PPCAC equipment

PO box 239,


Free State,

South Africa



We are currently fundraising to purchase a minibus taxi that will enable us to safely transport our students between the township and the Piet Patsa Arts Centre, and on outings and excursions related to our programme content. Having our own taxi will enable us to greatly extend our reach and ability to provide our students with life-enriching experiences.


You can help us achieve this goal by making a donation of any size. For options please visit our donations page by clicking here:

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You can see the centre's location on Google Maps, or go to 27°10’47.50”S 26°55’07.53”E (elevation approx 1323m) on Google Earth.



The PPCAC opened for classes on 1st March 2011.

Currently the centre runs six after-school art and drama programmes per week. 




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Purpose and charitable objectives

The aim of the centres is not only to provide a sustainable and long-term operations base for Dramatic Need’s work, but also to provide a place where local children can learn viable life skills, be inspired and develop their self-confidence.

This is a space for disadvantaged children to feel secure enough to confront long-held taboos on issues such as sexual abuse and HIV/AIDS.

By participating in workshops local children and youth have a positive use for their time, away from the gang violence and drug cultures currently affecting their communities. 

Dramatic Need provides transport to and from the Piet Patsa Community Art Centre every day, delivering children from the township to the Art Centre and back again. The Centre has become a point of focus for the wider community, attracting children and unemployed young people to participate in art workshops and craft-making. The Adeline Meje Arts Centre has established a base for the charity's work within Rammulotsi, solving many transport challenges and providing an easy access point for new students. 

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Estimated impact

The centres currently have 200 students officially attending after-school workshops each week, with many drop-ins. This figure is set to rise annually. 

Our in-school programme works intensively with over 800 primary school children throughout the school year.

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Follow our progress

The Dramatic Need blog, written on site in South Africa, includes weekly updates and photographs on developments in the region, Dramatic Need workshops at the arts centre, and the fantastic kids we work with.

It is a great way to stay updated and we urge you to subscribe.

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