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2/ What will I be doing

You will be travelling to South Africa or Rwanda to live and teach in a rural or township community. You will be encouraging young people to create and express, paint, play, move, tell stories, act, emote and learn. You will get to know new communities and new cultures.


As a volunteer you will conduct workshops in two to four schools in the same area, based primarily around your own professional expertise, such as drama, dance or music. Volunteers are in charge of designing their own teaching syllabus, with the support of Dramatic Need. Input from teachers and learners themselves is strongly encouraged. 


Dramatic Need provides a model syllabus with suggested lesson plans approved by professional music, art and drama therapists, as well as teaching packs with suggestions and helpful facts. A syllabus can include a broad spectrum of musical and dramatic methods, from something as simple as encouraging kids to act out the movements of their favourite animal, to planning a concert or play around issues that affect the children’s lives to be performed in front of the local community at the end of your stay. Anything goes that encourages kids to be inspired and get involve!

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