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Michelle Marrion, New York, USA


Want to know what it's like to volunteer with Dramatic Need? Here's what previous volunteers have to say:

Sara - Aimee Verity,

Printmaker and Artist,

Johannesburg, South Africa

"Volunteering at the Dramatic Need arts centre in Rammulotsi was a very special experience expertly facilitated with loving care by Tatu, Robyn and Lawrence. Tatu’s enthusiasm is infectious! His talent and gentle command make him respected, trusted and the best kind of educator! I was thrilled to be in the company of such an eager, helpful and skilled group of teens and I look forward to making prints with them again soon! And another round of “Do like I do”!


"Cyanotype printing is a fast and very rewarding way to think about light and shadow, shape and collage, timing and momentary composition. The students at Dramatic Need took to the process quickly and with such focused intention, it was thrilling to watch! The workshop encouraged experimentation and play which the students easily immersed themselves in, but an unexpected outcome was watching the class collaborate and assist each other with their images. Tatu's connection to the students and his teaching through play and humor was really special to see, and inspiring for my own teaching practice."

Nina Barnett,

Visual Artist

Johannesburg, South Africa

"The three days of teaching drawing culminated into a wonderful experience of collaboration and learning with both the children and the facilitators at Dramatic Need. The children where active, engaging and totally responsive throughout my time with them and it was awe-inspiring to be able to be given the opportunity to work with them. Drawing is discoverable and the workshop days rolled into one another quite organically. We worked with different drawing materials and drawing tools, I focused on drawing being an extension of the body, and it became very much movement based and experimenting with the imagination through story telling and learning to look and draw from observation. The results were fantastic and left room for much more experimentation in the future."


Lucy Jane Turpin,

Visual Artist

Johannesburg, South Africa

Phanuel "Fanito" Masike,


Soweto, South Africa

"To say I am impressed by everything I am experiencing and encountering at Dramatic need [South Africa] would not do justice to what your guys have created here. As poet and man who love working words I am rarely at a loss for words, but for some reason Dramatic Need has stunned me into complete silence. I have been in many places and seen too many organizations claim that they seek to empower and uplift the marginalized entities of societies, only these turned out to be shallow words expressed by those who do not comprehend the meaning of being marginalized. The fact that such significant work is taking place in a community that I would have never suspected existed is mind blowing. I don’t know why I am sending you this email, except to try in some human level to let you know I appreciate everything that is happening out here. It is truly a humbling experience." 


"I know that what I did is minimal compared to everything that Dramatic Needs offers them… a safe place where they can find out about themselves and their world without judgement, where they can express themselves and realise that they have their own opinions and that they matter. Where they can get support, encouragement and be heard. And where they can have fun, let off some steam and have a good old laugh.

Kaysha Sinclair,

Graphic designer,

London, United Kingdom

These things are so much more valuable than I ever realised before arriving in South Africa’ and learning about it’s complicated past and the realities some of the kids in this country face daily.


My experience with Dramatic Need is easily one of the most rewarding and inspiring things I have ever done. Getting to know these gorgeous teenagers and seeing their individuality and everything they have to offer has been an amazing experience that I’ll never forget. It’s unbelievable how quickly you can become attached to them, leaving their smiling faces was heart breaking but it helped to know that despite the things they have to deal with they are lucky in one way at least; to be part of Dramatic Need." 

Esme Cloete,

Drama Therapist,

Johannesburg, South Africa

"It always amazes me how powerful drama is and can be in whichever form it is applied. I spent 4 days with a group of 15 girls, exploring role-play, storytelling and enactment, and most importantly a taste of a typical drama therapeutic experience. The participants always tell you what they need and how ready they are to engage with the medium, which in this case was fascinating as this group of girls demonstrated a great enthusiasm and commitment to the process.


Of course in such a limited time, I could not do very deep therapeutic work, however I believe that the space offered a strong sense of containment and safety where the participants openly expressed themselves and had fun without any consequence or inhibitions.

Located on a farm, the environment itself adds a calm and therapeutic touch to the entire experience. I am really grateful the opportunity to have met and worked with some of the children from the centre and to have shared a bit of drama therapy. I hope that this is only the beginning of more important work to be done in the future. To all the girls, and the team, ke a leboha! I look forward to working with you again."

"What has truly been reaffirming to me is that anything is possible.  We work within the means we have access to, but that in no way should restrict what is possible…especially in the theatre, where as long there are people…anything is possible!"

Vicki Galloway-Place,

Theatremaker and drama teacher ,

Leeds, United Kingdom


Emma Gleeson,


Cork, Ireland

"I remember thinking how wonderful it is that these children are so talented but how sad it is that their talent goes largely unnoticed.

 This is why Dramatic Need’s work is so incredibly important. It allows children who feel like they are worth nothing to learn that they have capabilities and talents beyond what they could have imagined.


Some of the poems I received as thank you presents were so complex and moving that I could hardly believe they were written by children of that age and from such a background. The potential of these children is immense and I applaud Dramatic Need for recognising that. I would encourage anybody who is interested in Arts education to work with Dramatic Need. You will be shocked, you will laugh and cry and you will arrive home feeling privileged to have met such inspiring young people."

Ready to join us? Fill in the application form, or get in touch via our contact form at the bottom of the page! 

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