The idea behind Dramatic Need is to ensure volunteers are as involved in local communities as possible. Volunteers will therefore be billeted with members of those communities either with families, on-site at community centres or in local accommodation nearby. This experience will be important for the volunteer to feel a part of the community and to get to know the parents and neighbours of the children he/she will be teaching. Families who host volunteers are remunerated in order that the charity continues to support the communities in which we work.


In very rare circumstances, accommodation will have to be hired. Volunteers should expect this accommodation to be clean, but modest. This will not affect the standard amount the volunteer contributes to the cost of accommodation; instead Dramatic Need will cover the difference.


Please note that in many parts of South Africa and Rwanda where we work, neither water, nor electricity can be taken for granted.

Should a family offer to host you, during your time there please remember that they are sharing their home, their language and culture with volunteers.





We therefore request that volunteers are respectful and follow the rules of the household at all times. Upon confirmation of your acceptance as a volunteer, you will be assigned the two schools in which you will teach. More information may be given about the type of accommodation you will be staying in. It will be up to the volunteer to be self-sufficient in terms of personal expenses and non-programme related travel during their stay in South Africa or Rwanda.



Dramatic Need works exclusively in remote, rural areas of South Africa and Rwanda. In the majority of cases the only way to get around is by car. Therefore all volunteers are required to have a full, clean driving license and hire a car during their volunteer placement. The cost of car hire will be included in your volunteer costs and we can recommend cheap and accessible car hire during your placement. We recommend that all volunteers check that driving is included on their travel insurance.

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Dramatic Need is a registered charity and company in England and Wales, numbers 1119443 and 06051122 respectively; a registered non-profit company in South Africa, number 2017/212994/08; and a registered 501(c)(3) foundation in the USA, number 82-1037862 


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