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To volunteer with Dramatic Need in South Africa, we require that you have an either a degree/diploma or a minimum of five years professional experience in any discipline of the creative arts.

This includes anyone who has graduated from a recognised drama, arts, dance or music school/college or a performing arts program (such as a circus school) or anyone who has been professionally involved in the arts for an extended period.



Before leaving, participants will be given and information pack which includes travel advice, information on cultural differences, disease, security, first aid, language and basic child psychology.

It is essential that you have valid, personal travel insurance before you leave for South Africa or Rwanda. Please note that although Dramatic Need is firmly against volunteers teaching on religious or political subject matter, the programme does encourage the inclusion of health issues and HIV awareness as workshop themes. Please see Fine Print for details on CRB checks, immunisation and travel insurance. 


Dramatic Need works exclusively in remote, rural areas of South Africa and Rwanda. In the majority of cases the only way to get around is by car. Therefore all volunteers are required to have a full, clean driving license and hire a car during their volunteer placement. The cost of car hire will be included in your volunteer costs and we can recommend cheap and accessible car hire during your placement.

Creative arts disciplines from which Dramatic Need accepts volunteers include:

Circus arts  |  Painting  | Sculpture Puppetry  |  Dance  |  Graphic design Architecture  |  Music  | Street dance | Hip hop | Beat-boxing |  DJing  | Rap Drama  |  Animation | Film-making Photography  |  Screen printing Design | Pottery |  Mask-making  Applied drama | Physical theatre 
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