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Drawing with Lucy Jane Turpin

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

Drawing Workshop - Day 3 (Blind and Narrative Collaborative Drawing) - With Lucy Jane Turpin

On the 17th - 19th of September we had the pleasure of having South African Artist Lucy Jane Turpin joining us in Rammulotsi. From the get go Lucy took us right out of our comfort zone as she introduced us to charcoal drawing sticks - a medium which our students had never worked with before. Each day we did a series of set timed drawing exercises/experiments - left hand drawing, blind drawing, two handed drawing, drawing whilst moving and closing our eyes whilst listening to a story drawing. It was quite something to watch the students drawings and concentration develop over the three days, as their confidence and mark making became bolder and less inhibited.

Drawing Workshop - Day 3 (Blind, Moving, Narrative Collaborative Drawing) - With Lucy Jane Turpin

Here is what Lucy had to say "the three days of teaching drawing culminated into a wonderful experience of collaboration and learning with both the children and the facilitators at Dramatic Need. The children where active, engaging and totally responsive throughout my time with them and it was awe-inspiring to be able to be given the opportunity to work with them. Drawing is discoverable and the workshop days rolled into one another quite organically. We worked with different drawing materials and drawing tools, I focused on drawing being an extension of the body, and it became very much movement based and experimenting with the imagination through story telling and learning to look and draw from observation. The results were fantastic and left room for much more experimentation in the future." - Lucy Jane Turpin.

We look forward to having Lucy Jane Turpin back in the near future - thank you for spending your time with us!

Lucy Jane Turpin and the Dramatic Need students at the end of the Drawing Workshop.

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