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Holiday printmaking workshop with Bevan de Wet and Sara-Aimee Verity

Holiday printmaking workshop with artists and printmakers Bevan de Wet and Sara-Aimee Verity

During the third term school break we had visiting artists and printmakers Bevan de Wet and Sara-Aimee Verity come and join us in Rammulotsi for a 2 day printmaking workshop. The spring winds had finally arrived in the Free State keeping us indoors but that did not affect our eager students from attending their first printmaking class!

Workshop printing notes

On day 1 we learnt all about Transfer Monotypes - a simple print technique using a plate, water based ink, paper and drawing materials. A plate is inked up using water-based ink, you lay your paper carefully onto the plate and draw onto the surface - carefully applying pressure to areas where you would like your image to show. We explored various marks using pencils and other found drawing tools around the centre. Once we got a feel for this new technique and the various drawing tools we went on to draw our partners portraits with some incredible results!

Day 1 - Transfer Monotypes

On day 2 we learnt all about Linocuts. A relief printmaking technique whereby you cut/scoop into the surface of the plate making a mark, which once inked will be left white and the areas that were not removed cut/scooped out will reveal the colour of the ink exposing your image. Once your linoleum plate has been cut and inked up you then place your clean paper onto the inked surface. Now using a wooden spoon or your clean hands to rub against the back of your paper to reveal your image. This took us a little time to test our marks whilst handling the new cutting tools and obtaining the right ink consistency on our plate but once we had got a handle on that there was no stopping us.

In closing the 2 day workshop, Bevan and Sara shared some valuable knowledge around the business side of selling your prints as an artist - from the pricing of your work, to signing, editioning and taking care of your valuable artwork. What a productive 2 days, thank you Bevan and Sara-Aimee we look forward to hosting you again soon.

"Volunteering at the Dramatic Need arts centre in Rammulotsi was a very special experience expertly facilitated with loving care by Tatu, Robyn and Lawrence. Tatu’s enthusiasm is infectious! His talent and gentle command make him respected, trusted and the best kind of educator! I was thrilled to be in the company of such an eager, helpful and skilled group of teens and I look forward to making prints with them again soon! And another round of “Do like I do”! - Sara-Aimee Verity

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