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Making magic - Cyanotype printing with Nina Barnett

Over the 29th and 30th of October our students had the pleasure of working with Johannesburg artist Nina Barnett. Over the two days the students explored the alternative photographic process of Cyanotype printing Using the bright Free State sunlight and a simple chemical solution of ferric ammonium citrate and potassium ferricyanide (kindly donated by Dennis at the water and a squeeze of lemon juice the students watched in awe as their blue images magically appeared before them. During this process Nina asked the students to think about their concept, composition, shapes and forms in developing the imagery for their prints. The students had to develop and follow a collective process to work quickly and effectively in order to catch the afternoon light. The results...pure magic!!!

This is what Nina had to say about the sessions with the students "Cyanotype printing is a fast and very rewarding way to think about light and shadow, shape and collage, timing and momentary composition. The students at Dramatic Need took to the process quickly and with such focused intention, it was thrilling to watch! The workshop encouraged experimentation and play which the students easily immersed themselves in, but an unexpected outcome was watching the class collaborate and assist each other with their images." - Nina Barnett

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