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What is Beauty...? Self reflection through self portrait exercises.

Over the month of August our facilitators Tatu and Lawrence have been unpacking the theme of “Beauty” with our students through a series of self reflective exercises. During these sessions they encouraged the students to speak freely about perceptions and associations around the concept of beauty tied to the body. Using conversation, writing, photography and drawing exercises they collectively unpacked associations tied to beauty in relation to themselves. Students were then invited to create a self-portrait, using various drawing techniques representing a part of their own body that they considered beautiful. Once the drawings were completed the student presented their images to the group.

In reflecting on the sessions with the students Tatu Somfula Dramatic Need Arts Facilitator shared his closing thoughts with the Dramatic Need team “At the end of the lesson the learners discovered that they were uniquely created with different outward appearances, and also that beauty is about the things one does to empower one's self or other people.”

Here are some moving responses by learners:

"I chose to draw my eye because it helped me to keep watch on bad company of friends which might lead me astray off my vision."

“I chose to draw my ear because it helped me listen to my parents when they advised me about life issues."

"I chose to draw my ear because it helped me in the classroom when my teacher taught things which I then later managed to pass my grades."

"I chose to draw my mouth because it helped my friend when I advised him not to do bad stuff which might get him into trouble."

"I chose to draw my hand because it always helps my parents with house chores".

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